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Census Day - Sunday 21st March 

Census day is fast approaching and will be held on Sunday 21st March 2021. Please  help spread the word about this important event to Essex residents.
The Census is a unique survey that takes place once every 10 years, in England and Wales.
By taking part, you'll help inform decisions about services that shape your community. 
Things like Healthcare, Schools and Colleges and Public Transport.
Local involvement and support for this initiative is vital to ensure the success of the census in your district. 
Find out more at www.census.gov.uk

Salt Bins

Please take a bucket and collect salt from the Salt Bins in the Village - There are two salt bins in the village, which have been filled up, the Parish Councillors do this, from a supply which the PC receives annually. 

Members of the public are welcome to take salt to spread on the public highway (road and pavement) outside their properties and known trouble spots for ice / snow when the weather turns.

This salt is not intended for use on private property, ie. driveways etc

Please let the clerk know if any of the bins are getting empty - email Clerk@steeplebumpstead-pc.org

Thank you! 


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