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Download the Kitche app and reduce food waste

Globally, a third of the food we produce gets thrown away. Food waste isn’t just contributing to climate change – it’s hitting our pockets too! Per year, the average Essex household throws away £720 of food that could have been eaten.

One simple way we can all start reducing food waste at home is by downloading Kitche. The free app is designed to help you save money by preventing your food from ending up in the bin. The app will help you adapt your regular shop, so that you buy what you need and eat what you buy.

How does it work? Scan receipts to upload your shop into Kitche. The app will sort your shop and provide useful reminders of when to use up what. With 1000s of tasty recipes stored on Kitche, you can find recommendations quickly based on what you have at home.

Kitche can be downloaded for free from the Apple App Store or Google Play.

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