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Protect your dog from theft - a message from Essex Police

Dog Theft Trifold Leaflet 2022 B self-print
Download PDF • 2.83MB

A MESSAGE FROM THE RURAL ENGAGEMENT TEAM. Everyone knows that a dog is a great family addition and everyone in Essex loves their dog.

No-one should have to face the distress of losing their dog. Incidents of dog theft in Essex are low and we want to keep it that way.

IF YOU SUSPECT THAT YOUR DOG HAS BEEN STOLEN, IT IS IMPORTANT TO ACT QUICKLY. If your dog is missing and you believe it has been stolen, report it to the police on 101 or report the crime online at Note the crime reference number provided, and also advise your local authority of the theft. IF A CRIME IS IN PROGRESS, DON’T HESITATE, DIAL 999

Police do not take reports of lost or found dogs or those that have run off. These should be reported to the local authority and missing animal databases such as

Please see the leaflet for more information and advice

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