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Recycling cartons at local recycling banks

Last year BDC introduced new food and drink carton recycling bins at local recycling banks, to give you the opportunity to recycle more.

We're already three quarters of the way through the trial and it's going really well, with residents saving over 5.2 tonnes of cartons going to waste so far.

Unfortunately some sites are being heavily misused by a minority of people who are spoiling it for the majority, by putting items of other waste that shouldn't be put in them, so here's a reminder of the things that can go in the food and drink carton bins:

  • cartons such as those used for long-life milk, fresh soups and fruit juices

  • paper-based tubes with metal ends, such as gravy granule tubs, hot chocolate tubs, and pringles tubes.

Please note that the banks no longer accept paper-based takeaway coffee cups. There are 14 locations to choose from across the district, including supermarket sites and some of our car parks.

Your nearest is at the Village Hall in Steeple Bumpstead

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