Streetlight reported - No.11, at Bower Hall drive / Barker Close. This has been reported to ECC as not working properly.

LED Streetlight Update - Although 4 of the 6 faulty lights were replaced, there are 2 street lights still awaiting replacement (under warranty) these are at Haverhill Rd / North Crescent. The replacement lights are on order and should arrive and be fitted by the end of January.

Salt Bins in the Village - There are two salt bins in the village, which have been filled up, the Parish Councillors do this, from a supply which the PC receives annually. 

Members of the public are welcome to take salt to spread on the public highway (road and pavement) outside their properties and known trouble spots for ice / snow when the weather turns. This salt is not intended for use on private property, ie. driveways etc

Please let the clerk know if any of the bins are getting empty - email Clerk@steeplebumpstead-pc.org

Thank you! 


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