Contact Details

David Kuyper Chairman 01440 730373

Len Russell Secretary 01440 705859

Ray Andrews Treasurer 01440 731844

Team Captains A Team Peter Hill 01440 730266

B Team Geoff Butler 01787 473207

NWE Jim Girvan 07920 832888

Steeple Bumpstead Bowls Club

The club was formed in 1946 73 years ago in the Red lion pub in Steeple Bumpstead .


The bowls club has 40 playing members and play two teams in the Steeple Bumpstead league and one team in the North West Essex league The season starts in May and finishes in August.


The season starts in May and finishes in August and on Tuesday evening from 6pm the club has a social evening where members can have a practice "a roll up"and meet with other members for a catch up.

The club holds a Licence to sell alcohol and holds many quiz nights and fundraisers for all to get involved with.


Carpet bowls starts in the club house October 1st, on Tuesday afternoons starting at 2pm and again on Thursday evening from 7pm. This is very much a social occasion and was started last season and will continue this one.