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Anglian Water

We're due to begin work on 29 November 2023 and if everything runs smoothly, we'll be finished by March 2024.

The drains and sewers in your community take used water away to your local water recycling centre (WRC) off The Endway, in Steeple Bumpstead. We then clean it before returning it safely to the local environment. Please see the below map.

Phosphorous is a chemical widely used in soaps and cleaning products, but it can be harmful to wildlife in our waterways. To tackle this, we’re investing over £1 million into upgrading our WRC, installing new equipment, and strengthening the current water treatment process.

Our work at your local WRC will mean we can take out even more phosphorus from the water we return to the environment, improving the water quality for wildlife and reducing algae growth in your local rivers and streams.

All the building work will be confined to our site, so there'll be minimal disruption to you, although you may see more of our vehicles out and about in the area and your services won’t be affected.

Every day we clean and supply a billion litres of healthy drinking water and take away and clean your water after it’s been used. It’s all part of the service we provide using the money you pay us via your bill.

If you have any questions or feedback about our work, you can call us on 03457 919 155 , email us at or by visiting

We'll write to you again if there are any changes to our plans.

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