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Are you fed-up with doing the same old walks?

Are you fed-up with doing the same old walks?

Walking in Essex is the website for you!

With hundreds of walks to download and print, free, it also has books of walks,

contact details for all the walking groups in the county and much more. Whether you

want to walk on your own or with a group all the information is there in one place.

John said ‘There is so much walking information on the web but it is difficult to find.

Walking in Essex (part of the Walking in England suite of websites – one for each

county in England) has brought it together in one place so whether you are walking

from home, or away on holiday, you will be able to find a walk suitable for you’.

With walks from half a mile to twelve miles plus long, and a note of suitability for

pushchairs and wheelchairs, everyone can find a walk to enjoy.

So home or away, check out the websites and get walking!

John Harris


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