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Essex Energy switch auction

Essex Energy Switch Auction

Residents may be able to get a better fixed tariff with the Essex Energy Switch

Please encourage residents to register with the Essex Energy Switch. The current energy market means many are facing uncertainty and higher costs as we head into the colder months. The Essex Energy Switch does the legwork in finding the best possible fixed annual tariff, so residents don’t have to shop around. The Essex Energy Switch auction is on 12th October and the more residents who are registered by then, the stronger the buying power will be. However, residents can still register online up until when the scheme closes on 23rd November. The benefits for residents include:

  • The more people who register, the better offer everyone is likely to get from the supplier

  • There is no obligation to switch once they’ve received their offer

  • If they decide to switch supplier, everything is handled for them

  • All offers are 100% renewable electricity

Essex County Council previously provided a toolkit for promoting the Energy Switch. They have provided some updated communications for newsletters and social media in the attached document, based on recent developments in the energy sector. You can find out more and register here.

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