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Essex residents can now easily check how safe their home is at the click of a button.

A new online home safety check service makes it easier for residents to spot fire risks in their homes and gives advice on how to help them stay safe at home.

Last year, Essex County Fire and Rescue Service (ECFRS) attended nearly 700 house fires across Essex with cooking and faulty appliances being the highest causes.

In a bid to reduce the number of house fires, the online home safety check service will allow residents to evaluate their own risk by answering some simple questions about charging phones, working smoke alarms, cooking, fire escape plans and much more. The unique tool provides tailored advice and handy tips throughout to help reduce the risk of a fire within the home. Answers will then be calculated with the level of risk. Some people who score highly may be offered a free home safety visit by a member of the fire service.

The software for the online home safety check system has been made available to all fire services across the UK by the National Fire Chief’s Council.

The online form includes questions about the layout of the home, the occupants and their lifestyle. The check takes around 15 minutes to complete and finishes with bespoke fire safety advice for the person and their home.

Residents can find out more and start their home safety check at

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