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Levelling up project

The Essex Wellbeing Service are looking for residents of north rural Braintree District (wards listed below) who would like to be part of a Community Reference Group for the Levelling Up project in rural Braintree.

You would be involved in conversations about the barriers of living in a rural village and the impact this has on accessing local services/schools/employment opportunities etc. The Essex Wellbeing Service also want to hear your ideas and solutions to the problems you face so that the Levelling Up funding is used to support projects and services designed by the residents.

The following areas are part of the Levelling Up area:

- Bumpstead - Gosfield and Greenstead Green - Hedingham - Stour Valley North - Stour Valley South - The Colnes - Three Fields - Yeldham

If you would like to be involved, please contact Amy Melton at Mobile No: 07458 300900

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