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Memory Benches

Steeple Bumpstead Parish Council

Benches Camping Close Play Area

From time to time we have been contacted by residents of the village about the possibility of having a special bench sited somewhere in the village which is either in celebration of some special anniversary, unique event or a bench in memory or celebration of an incredibly special person.

The Parish Council will have available in the next few months two sites at the Play Area on the Camping Close where this type of bench can be sited.

The Parish Council would like to hear from you if this is something that you may be considering or simply this message has created an idea that you would like to consider.

The village currently have several Special Memorial Benches that have been donated to the village in memory of someone and this unique opportunity gives residents of the village another rare opportunity to do something incredibly special.

If you are considering something special and you would like to talk in confidence about this matter, please contact the clerk by email if possible– or 01787 237999

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