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New Chairman and Vice Chairman elected to Braintree District Council

Following the AGM at the beginning of last week, Councillor Andrew Hensman has been announced as our new Chairman. He has been a councillor since 2015.

Cllr Mrs Diana Garrod has been elected as Vice-Chairman.

Cllr Hensman will be focusing his civic year on meeting individuals, communities and businesses, as well as promoting the aims and values of the Council in communities.

The Chairman chose not to announce his charities at the beginning of the year, and instead opted to fundraise throughout the year and make donations to charities and communities he visits to allow chances for emerging causes.

Cllr Hensman is thought to be the first publicly autistic council chairman in the UK, and he hopes to inspire others, especially from the autistic community, that with the right support and greater understanding, they too can achieve great things.

Our outgoing Chairman of the Council, Cllr Sue Wilson attended 65 engagements in the local community and raised money for local charities.

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