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No symptoms? - get a test

Get a fast Covid-19 test at a centre near you

If you haven’t got Covid-19 symptoms, find out if you are safe by getting a fast test at a centre near you. Around 1 in 3 people with Covid-19 do not have any symptoms.

These tests are fast, easy, local and free and available to anyone in our district who is not showing symptoms of Covid-19. If you’re leaving home to go to work, getting tested can give you peace of mind that you’re keeping customers safe.

It usually only takes 30 minutes to get your result and you can choose whether to get tested near home or work.

Book a test on the Essex County Council website. The site in our district is at Witham Football Club.

However, if you do have symptoms of Covid-19, you should book a test on GOV.UK.

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