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Supporting our Communities with Renewable Energy Projects There is an exciting new, county wide initiative to help our communities to take action on the climate crisis. As part of Essex’s Climate Change Action Plan, Essex County Council have teamed up with Community Energy South to provide support for the development of community led renewable energy groups and projects throughout Essex.As part of the project, Community Energy South is contacting local groups and individuals to get an understanding of any community led renewable energy projects that may already be in place. These may include projects that support, generate, own or manage renewable energy installations in our communities and/or reduce energy consumption. We also want to hear about ideas for new projects and find the best ways to support new projects and groups going forwards.The aim is to provide a range of resources, business development support, funding and networking opportunities to kick start new organisations in our communities that can develop and manage renewable energy projects.If you know of any groups or individuals in your area that may be interested or involved with renewable energy, environmental or climate change issues, or you administer, or know ofany local funds that groups in your area could potentially access to fund renewable energy and energy efficiency projects, please drop Community Energy South’s Project Manager a line so that we can engage with them.Esmé Donghi, Project Manager, Community Energy South

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