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The Uttlesford Community Policing team have made us aware of people selling items door to door in the area.

These individuals are sometimes known as ‘Nottingham knockers’. They will often claim that they have served a prison sentence and are involved in a rehabilitation scheme. They may have documentation or identity cards to convince you they are part of a genuine scheme. They are not. The practice is not a recognised offender rehabilitation scheme. They will try to sell you low quality household goods such as dusters at heavily inflated prices.

The advice to give to residents would be not to buy on your doorstep and not to engage in conversation with these individuals. We believe that this practice is a scam. If such individuals are operating in your area, then please contact Essex Police on 101 or online (Always 999 in an Emergency).

The clear message is- if you are unsure who is knocking at your door you do not need to open it. If you do answer the door, use the door chain if you have one. If they are genuine callers, they will not mind you doing this.

More information on door-to-door and courier fraud can be found on the Essex Police Website.

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