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ECC Winter Condition Jan24 - Advice and helpful information

It is expected that Essex will experience some very wintery weather conditions in the next week and I wanted to ensure you all had the relevant information at hand in case of any issues on the highways you or your residents experience.


The Essex Highways gritters will go out twice a day when the temperatures are cold. Please make sure you're following the Essex Highways X/Twitter account to get the twice daily updates on when and where they will be gritting.


The routes the gritters take can also be tracked, and you can find this information on the Essex Highways website. This might be information you wish to share with residents through your channels so they can see for themselves where the gritters will be.


I would encourage all of us to remind our residents that when we experience extreme weather - whether that's the cold, wet or wind - that it's important when they travel, they make sure they drive to the conditions, are prepared, and leave themselves plenty of time. Again the Essex Highways website has a lot of information to help arm residents with what they need to do to prepare for and travel in winter conditions and I would urge you to share this.


As with every year, manning the gritters and running the highways winter service means that the service is not able to carry out as many repairs and the priority will be emergency issues. Please do continue to raise any defects through Member Enquiries of the  through the 'tell us' tool on the Essex Highways website and the team will carry out an inspection.


The Essex Highways team continue to put the latest information out on the X/Twitter and Facebook channels so make sure you are following these.

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